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Y1 Homework – Task 2 – Do you know your numbers?

Y1 Homework – Task 2 – Do you know your numbers?

Hello Y1,

You last homework was about settings and literacy so we thought we would give you a maths homework this time.

As we are being the best we can be and being super learners, we want to see how much you have remembered from the past 2 weeks in maths.

WALT (We Are Learning To): count, recognise and order numbers.

WILF (What I’m Looking For):
* I know what numbers up to 20 look like (challenge – numbers up to 30!)
*I can count amounts of objects and match the number correctly

Try these games then write a comment to say what the game was about and what you did to complete the homework.


Spheres and Cones Groups:


Pyramids and Cylinders Groups:


Cubes and Cuboids Groups:


Remember to write the comment so we know you did the homework. Children who finish the homework tasks get a token for their homework box!

Remember that tokens = treats!