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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everybody.

As you start your new topic, I wanted to remind you all of the fabulous animation work you did last half term.

For more about computing, have a look at the Digital Leader and Computing Page on the blog!

Y1 learned about space and created their own aliens.

Each class learned how to make a stop-animation, using related vocabulary such as how to shoot a frame. They worked in small groups with very little support and collaborated on characters, backgrounds and plots.

Rain Alien from C Southern on Vimeo.


Shape Planet from C Southern on Vimeo.


Big Bad Alien from C Southern on Vimeo.


Incredibox Musical Composition

Incredibox Musical Composition

Hello everybody,

Yesterday, we took a well known song and composed a variation of it using no instruments. The only ‘non-human’ sounds were created by a cool website called Incredibox and Garage Band for the iPad.

Check out our work here…

Incredibox Variation Composition from C Southern on Vimeo.