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We can…do our homework!

We can…do our homework!

Hello everybody,

A huge well done to everyone who has completed their homework over the past few weeks. So far, 8 children from Y1 have accessed the blog to write comments. What’s even more exciting is that more of you are doing your blog homework too!

Some children are even choosing to stay in at playtime to access the blog for writing comments and doing blog homework.

Yesterday, Yusuf and Aleeza wrote some comments on last week’s blog homework and today Harvey, Hibba and Katie-Mae had a go at this week’s maths challenge (even if they didn’t all get to write their comments online).

Blog Homework Week 3 IMG_2158 IMG_2159


As most of you probably don’t have cubes at home, why not use pencils, coins or even pebbles?

Remember – Tokens = Treats!

Y1 Homework – Task 2 – Do you know your numbers?

Y1 Homework – Task 2 – Do you know your numbers?

Hello Y1,

You last homework was about settings and literacy so we thought we would give you a maths homework this time.

As we are being the best we can be and being super learners, we want to see how much you have remembered from the past 2 weeks in maths.

WALT (We Are Learning To): count, recognise and order numbers.

WILF (What I’m Looking For):
* I know what numbers up to 20 look like (challenge – numbers up to 30!)
*I can count amounts of objects and match the number correctly

Try these games then write a comment to say what the game was about and what you did to complete the homework.


Spheres and Cones Groups:


Pyramids and Cylinders Groups:


Cubes and Cuboids Groups:


Remember to write the comment so we know you did the homework. Children who finish the homework tasks get a token for their homework box!

Remember that tokens = treats!