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We can…do our homework!

We can…do our homework!

Hello everybody,

A huge well done to everyone who has completed their homework over the past few weeks. So far, 8 children from Y1 have accessed the blog to write comments. What’s even more exciting is that more of you are doing your blog homework too!

Some children are even choosing to stay in at playtime to access the blog for writing comments and doing blog homework.

Yesterday, Yusuf and Aleeza wrote some comments on last week’s blog homework and today Harvey, Hibba and Katie-Mae had a go at this week’s maths challenge (even if they didn’t all get to write their comments online).

Blog Homework Week 3 IMG_2158 IMG_2159


As most of you probably don’t have cubes at home, why not use pencils, coins or even pebbles?

Remember – Tokens = Treats!

Y1 Homework – your first task – describe a setting

Y1 Homework – your first task – describe a setting

Hello everybody!

This year, we will be setting homework every Wednesday and will expect it to be handed in by the following Monday.

For each completed homework, you will earn a token to put in your special box. If you get 4 tokens per half term, you can earn a treat! WOW!

As this is the first homework, we thought we would give you a little bit more time to do it so here it is:

This week, we will be creating a ‘Dream Map’, where we create our own settings! Remember that a setting is a place where an event can happen and where the characters in your story might live.

For homework, you will need to post a comment on the blog or draw and write about your own setting.

You must say why you have chosen the setting and why.

Choose one of these settings or create your own. Remember to ask your grown ups to help you if you need it.

This work is due by Monday 23rd September.

We wonder which setting you might choose…

Welcome to Year One

Welcome to Year One

Hello everybody!

Welcome to the Year One section of the blog. Keep checking for information and regular updates about what is happening in school.

We have 3 classes:

1LF (New Cross)
1CB (New Cross)
1CS (Usher Street)

This week, you should have received your Family Learning Newsletter, which tells you that this term’s topic is called ‘In Our Dreams’, where we will be thinking about the characters and settings in stories. In science, we will be testing materials for a variety of purposes. In maths, we will be understanding how we can use numbers in different ways.

Other useful information:

1CS will have PE on Mondays
1LF and 1CB will have PE on Thursdays.
Please make sure your child brings their PE kit on the correct day. This should be a white T-shirt and either leggings or shorts. If you do not have kit, please contact the office where you can buy kit.

Phonics Screening Check:
At the end of the year, all children in Year 1 will be asked to read and spell a variety of words, including made-up words, to assess their ability in phonics. They must score 32 out of 40 to pass.
Please see the ‘Phonics Screening Check’ link at the top of the Year One page for more information.

Parents are Welcome:
Every Thursday, parents are welcome to come into school until 9:25 to read with their child. There is a ‘Parents’ and Carers’ Page’ at the top of the Year One site for more information.

In our classes, we have talked about having a ‘Can Do’ attitude to learning and that we all work as a team. We believe that this year will be the best one yet!

Mrs Steel, Miss Fisher, Miss Brown and the Year 1 Team