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Farms Past and Present

Farms Past and Present

Good Morning Y1,

Here is your space on the blog to write about farms from the past and farms today.

WALT: Compare

Y1 Shared WILF:

I can say what the farm used to look like.
I can say what they used to do.
I can say what happens on a farm today.

Remember that all of your work must have captial letters at the start of a sentence, finger spaces and full stops in the right place.

New Topic – From Farm to Fork

New Topic – From Farm to Fork

Hello everybody,

We hope you have a fantastic rest over the holidays but remember that we come back to school on Monday 6th January.
Let’s reach for the stars and aim for 100% attendance in all classes!

Starting in January, we will be moving onto a new topic called ‘From Farm to Fork’, which is all about how crops are grown on the farm and how it then gets to your plate for you to eat.


Part of this topic will include a trip to a farm, where we will learn about various crops. Each class will be going on different days as follows;

1EF Monday 20th January
1CS Thursday 23rd January
1CB Friday 24th January

We are looking forward to this topic and hope you are too.
We will also be sending out the Family Learning Letters during the first week back with more information.

Mrs Steel and the Y1 Team