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WOW day!

WOW day!

On Wednesday we had a WOW day to introduce our topic of Space.

We had so much fun as we made our very own rockets with Mrs Thomas and we learnt why a rocket needs a parachute!  We then tested our rockets in the school hall and we practised how far we could throw them and tested whether our parachutes worked!

We also made our own aliens out of modelling clay. Some aliens had 4 heads, 3 eyes and one round body. Other aliens were very tall and had no arms and 6 eyes! They were all different and equally brilliant.

We were also very fortunate as we had a visitor from an astronaut, Mr Bee. He told us all about his adventures in Space and how he had landed his rocket in Bowling Park!! He explained how we put on his suit, how he needed to be in quarantine before a mission and explained all about Space and how it feels with there being no gravity!

Have a look at some of our pictures and comment below if you can remember any facts from Mr Bee.



WOW day! by Slidely Slideshow

Winter collage!

Winter collage!

We have had a very productive afternoon in Year 1 as we have created our very own Winter collages!

We looked at some pictures beforehand and noticed that the trees had no leaves on and that they were bare. We also noticed in the pictures lots of snow and one even had a robin!

We then created our own collage!

What do you think?! We love them!

Science investigation

Science investigation

Today we have been investigating the most suitable material for Goldilocks’ house to be made out of.

We were investigating whether the material was sturdy, strong or waterproof as we didn’t t want a house that would leak if it rained or fall down if it was windy…!

We worked scientifically by pouring the same amount of water on each material (50 ml) and putting the same weight on (1KG).

Can you remember which material was most suitable and explain why?

Science investigation

Science investigation

In our topic  this half term we have been learning all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Today we have done a science investigation into which material would be suitable for a set of curtains for Goldilocks’ house.

The materials which we investigated were:

  • tissue paper
  • tin foil
  • fabric
  • bin bag (plastic)
  • leather

We used a torch and ensured that our investigation was fair by making sure we used the same light and that the light was the same distance away for each material tested.


Challenge: Can you remember which material was most effective and why? Was the material transparent or opaque?

3D shapes

3D shapes

This week in Year One we have been learning about 3D shapes! We have been learning key vocabulary such as vertices, edges and faces.  Therefore we have been investigating how many vertices, edges and faces our shapes have!

Here are the pictures where some of us printed with 3D shapes to help us to remember the vocabulary ‘faces’.



Challenge: Can you remember the names of the 3D shapes? If you do….comment below!

Number bonds to 10!

Number bonds to 10!

This week we have been learning how to add by remembering that this is the add sign + and how we write a number sentence, eg. 7 + 3 = 10

Next week we will be learning our number bonds to 10! Have a look at the number bonds and challenge yourself by how many you can remember!!

Image result for number bonds to 10 numicon

Here is a link to a song which will deepen your understanding:

Our 5 senses

Our 5 senses

We hope you have had enjoyed your first couple of days in Year 1; we most certainly have!

Our topic this half term is ‘All about me’ therefore we will be learning about our body parts, our families and our senses.

This week we will be focusing on our senses, can you remember all 5 senses?!

Image result for senses picture


If you can remember them please comment in the comment box below!

We are looking forward to reading your comments.

Year 1 team. 🙂




Year 1 is starting their phonics screening next Monday! (Monday 13th June)

Here are some links to help you to do some extra practise at home, remember to read carefully!

Good luck and Mr Blackburn, Miss Petty and Miss Schack all know you are going to try your hardest! (Phonics game)



Year One’s trip to The Deep

Year One’s trip to The Deep

On Friday Year One went on a trip to The Deep as this half term we have been learning about Under The Sea.

We saw lots of amazing animals and really enjoyed seeing the round, waddling penguins splashing in the water. They really liked diving in and coming really close to the glass.

We also saw sting-rays, sharks, a catfish and many more! We asked lots of questions and were lucky enough to learn all about river turtles!

Can you remember how they swim?

These pictures are from 1KP, hope you enjoy looking at them!

Challenge: Can you remember your favourite sea animal and why?

P.S Miss Petty didn’t take any of these photos instead 1KP did. They are brilliant!

1Kp’s trip to the deep by Slidely Slideshow