WOW day!

WOW day!

On Wednesday we had a WOW day to introduce our topic of Space.

We had so much fun as we made our very own rockets with Mrs Thomas and we learnt why a rocket needs a parachute!  We then tested our rockets in the school hall and we practised how far we could throw them and tested whether our parachutes worked!

We also made our own aliens out of modelling clay. Some aliens had 4 heads, 3 eyes and one round body. Other aliens were very tall and had no arms and 6 eyes! They were all different and equally brilliant.

We were also very fortunate as we had a visitor from an astronaut, Mr Bee. He told us all about his adventures in Space and how he had landed his rocket in Bowling Park!! He explained how we put on his suit, how he needed to be in quarantine before a mission and explained all about Space and how it feels with there being no gravity!

Have a look at some of our pictures and comment below if you can remember any facts from Mr Bee.



WOW day! by Slidely Slideshow

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